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Christian Rehab Available

Surrendering your will and life over to God as a Higher Power is a significant step in the Alcoholics Anonymous program, and we attempt to incorporate their teachings into select plans geared towards Christian retrieval. Jesus came to save us from our sins, and dependency is not excluded from that fact. We ardently believe that giving your life back around to the Higher Power is among the very best means to eventually have liberty.

Caring and Holistic Treatment Center

In merely treating the dependence, we don't believe, we believe in treating the individual. It's inadequate just to take away the problem. Our MT treatment programs attempt to go the extra measure and help build the individual up general, with new skills, approaches about themselves, as well as a redefined goal in life, so they'll never again return to a standing where addiction can take a foothold. We use both modern and normal techniques for getting our clients liberty.

Inpatient and Outpatient Options

We know that getting over addictions is an extremely difficult thing to do, so we don't desire to make the place of treatment another issue to deal with. We offer both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs, to best meet with you where you're in life. Our world-class Helena staff are trained to deliver specially chosen locations in your community, or the most effective support whether it be in our state of the art facilities.
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Greg S.5 Star Rating

Helped me get clean after 15 years

for 15 years I was addicted to drugs and did almost everything under the sun. Bridge was there to help me and saved my life in the end. Without their treatment I would probably be dead or in jail, but because of them I have a life I can be proud of again.

Helena, MT

Joan and Steven T.5 Star Rating

Helped our daughter in her darkest times

Bridge Rehab was there when our daughter got caught up in a bad situation for a bit. Their staff was made up of the most helpful and caring people I’ve been around, and didn’t judge or cast blame. Haley can now have the future we always hoped for her.

Bozeman, MT

Mark and Tracy H.5 Star Rating

When pain killers go too far

After back surgery in 2009, I found myself in constant pain, and got hooked on pain killers because of it, even for years after my back pain went away. I was ashamed of my life, and was facing depression as well. Bridge Was there to help me get back on my feet, and with the help of my wife, finally get my life back. Thank you.

Havre, MT

Does the idea of handling regular life without alcohol or drugs feel unwarranted and less like an advancement, even if you have found it hurt aspects of your life?

Bridge Substance Rehab Locations in Montana are the highest rated and can discuss with you all the treatment choices for you personally or a family member where you’re in life, to best match you.

Disconnecting from the realities of life for the seconds when you use alcohol and drugs is a choice and also you can safely change your lifestyle to once more determine you deserve it.

Dealing with our facts can be heartbreaking at times specially if we sense that we can’t escape dysfunctional patterns of behavior and begin to withdraw from loved ones or neglect obligations. Instead of pursuing our interests, we get bogged down with everything in life. Suddenly, we can not even carve out any time because we have spent more time turning away from the realities of life.

Unfortunately, our habits appear to rob us of the life ahead of us.

For a lot of enthusiasts who come to our Montana treatment centers, gaining coping skills to adopt the truths in life in a secure environment and ultimately feeling independence activates a rewarding feeling. They feel inspired again and start to look around at life and embrace problem solving.

Despite ingrained cravings for a quick fix, they begin to feel free to enjoy the simple things in life and appreciate the chance to play an effective role in their own life as well as their recovery.

Changing your lifestyle is a choice that our Montana treatment centers are invested in making with you.

Untreated dependencies can destroy your relationships and also your accomplishments and aims can turn into a mess that feels debilitating.

Getting over a habit and living your life is very challenging without treatment along with a support system.

You may not be aware of what demands you are placing in your relationships, they do not know how to be honest about how they feel or because perhaps your friends are distancing themselves. Sometimes, whenever a dependence goes untreated, you might believe that everything is in control. Other times, you tell yourself in the back part of your mind that you have to do something about drinking.

It is possible you are not ready or need to admit you are having issues, because it means that you’ll need to make a change and that’s more scary than anything else you can imagine. We realize that and our treatment centers are highly experienced with helping you recover your life in order that you could have the proper instruments to get over your addiction.

Seeking help out does not have to happen after you’ve thrown away chances that you turned your goals into barriers to your habits and once needed to research.

Treating the individual as a whole is critical to us and we make an effort to help you rebuild your relationships. During treatment, we help you redefine a goal in life that begins bringing clarity and a brand new perspective to your life.

Untreated, an individual may see the debilitating effects of their dependency issues on private life and their work and regrettably, can make any goals or accomplishments impossible.

Our treatment centers in Montana supply you a helping hand when it feels like no one can help and they don’t know how.

Providing caring and empathetic treatment for both head and the body is integral to everything we do at Montana treatment facility, because we recognize that grappling with an addiction and altering your lifestyle proved to be a significant choice. We proudly serve your Helena to ease your mind on your road to healing.

(855) 906-4111
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Frequently Asked Questions about Alcohol Treatment in Helena

How Long Does it Take to Detox Your Liver from Alcohol?

When a patient is in for a moderate case of liver detox for alcohol, he/she can anticipate about one week of noticeable symptoms, with peak severity happening within the first day or two. In case your drinking issue is complicated by other medical or psychiatric problems, bear in mind that the liver detox for booze can take more and, sometimes, be far more sensational. These symptoms represent an intermediate stage between moderate and acute withdrawal, and may be useful from a diagnostic perspective. They offer a final opportunity to seek medical attention before a full-blown case of the DTs grows.


Why Can Alcohol Detox Kill You?

The reason why alcohol detox can kill you is because alcohol has some major effects on the entire body, from interruption of normal bodily functions to accelerated aging. Over time, you can develop tolerance to booze, so as to have the same effects, and also you may find yourself taking increasingly more of the substance. The more alcohol you take, the more difficult it is going to be when you try to quit. Alcohol detox syndrome can occasionally take on light, serious, or moderate forms which may lead to death. Alcohol detox is not safe, killing as many as 1 out of every 20 people who develop its symptoms.


How to Get Into Alcohol Rehab without Insurance

In regards to alcohol detox at home it is very important to assess drinking habits and your lifestyle. Some grow a dangerous habit while alcohol can be consumed by many people sometimes with no trouble. You also need to assess your goal. You should set a concrete aim after you have determined that you should cut back on alcohol or quit altogether. Stock your home with food and water. Ensure that you drink lots of water because withdrawal often causes vomiting and diarrhea, which can quickly dehydrate you.


How Long Does Alcohol Rehab Take?

There isn't a set period of time in regards to rehabilitation that applies to everyone. Some addicts may need a 90-day stay at an inpatient treatment facility to really find their path in healing, whereas others may simply need a 30-day program. It simply varies according to the addiction in question, the individual's history with dependency, dual analysis conditions, and the individual's special physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. Studies find that those who spend longer amounts of time in rehabilitation programs achieve better rates of long-term sobriety. This is because more time spend at a treatment facility means more opportunity to focus on the root causes behind the dependence.


Can Alcohol Rehab get me clean for good?

The effectiveness of detoxing is entirely up to you, and whether you decide it will be successful or not. The best thing you are able to do is to truly set your head to recovery, and determine that you have something to live for beyond the bottle. Detox centers can provide you with the resources you need to finally beat it, but without your wholehearted choice to finally become clean, it doesn't work. There is no better place to find the assistance you desire if you're ready to move on with your life though.


Does Alcohol Rehab Show Up on a Background Check?

The answer is, as a patient in a rehabilitation, one of your major rights is to get your rehab health record kept as private and confidential. Unless you have specially provided a written authorization for release of your medical records to a third party, information and your rehab health record will be kept private. It's totally understandable that you want to feel safe when deciding to enroll for rehabilitation and part of that safety is knowing your health record will undoubtedly be kept private. There are exceptions to the rule though.


Can Detoxing from Booze Kill You?

Somebody who is been a drinker and consumed a lot of alcohol for a number of years probably could have serious seizures when they try to withdraw from alcohol. Such seizures may cause an individual to aspirate food (inhale it through the trachea) that comes up from their stomach, perhaps leading to choking and death. Striking on your head during a seizure can also be lethal. Common withdrawal symptoms from booze include difficulty sleeping, perspiration and heart palpitations. Besides death, alcohol withdrawal can also cause delirium, hallucinations, rapid heart rate, high blood pressure and hyperventilation.


How Long Do the Symptoms of Alcohol Detox Take to Wear Off?

The severity of these symptoms can differ based on health profile and your drinking history. It is natural you will experience cravings during your withdrawal, and most likely long after most of the physical symptoms have finished. This is why many people with alcohol addiction issues decide to seek further ongoing support from their medical practitioner alcohol agencies, or non-allied groups like AA. However, you shouldn't expect to feel good. Just accept this is a portion of the process.


Is Alcohol Rehab Expensive in Helena?

Whether it is inexpensive or expensive, the cost that each patient is worth it to receive drug treatment typically is dependent upon the location of its amenities, the facility and the treatment programs it provides. The cost of high-end alcohol rehab programs cost far more than standard applications or programs which your city or state runs. Whether you require services and private, high-end amenities during your drug treatment or simply want to reside in a typical facility that is completely staffed with qualified medical professionals, you'll surely have the ability to locate a treatment location that caters to your needs and budget.


Can I Smoke During Rehab?

These days, many alcohol and drug rehab treatment facilities in Montana frequently are inclined to enable patients to smoke because many consider that treating someone for smoking as well as other substance abuse is only too hard and will definitely take time. There is no definite answer as to whether one can smoke in alcohol rehab yet. The results from the formerly released study in MT , do not automatically mean that alcohol rehab should not try and execute smoking bans, but rather shine a light on the challenges that are associated with executing a new policy which goes against years and years of traditional thinking.


Does Alcohol Effect Recovery from a Cold?

Recovery doesn't affect from cold. As a matter of fact, alcohol consumption has a negative, short-term effect on the immune system, which increases your probability of illness from one of over 200 viruses that cause the common cold, based on Truman State University. Drinking alcohol while you've got a cold additional compromises your immune apparatus, which makes it challenging for your body to fight -away the cold virus. This might lead to the possibility of the cold showing into a more serious ailment or protracted illness. Therefore, it is inadvisable to take booze thinking it will affect your recovery from cold.


How Can Detox Kill You?

Alcohol has some important impacts on the entire body, from interruption of normal bodily functions to accelerated aging. Over time, you can acquire tolerance to alcohol, and also you may find yourself taking more and more of the material to be able to possess the same effects. The more alcohol you take, the harder it'll be when you attempt to stop. Alcohol withdrawal syndrome can take on mild, intense, or moderate forms that might cause death. If while withdrawing from alcohol an individual develops a fever, extreme nausea, diarrhea, or DT (delirium tremens they need to be ran to see a doctor as soon as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions about Drug Treatment in Helena

How Long Do Drugs Take to Get Out of Your System?

There isn't a set period of time in regards to the interval that drugs take to get out of the system of one's that applies to everyone. Some enthusiasts may need a 90-day stay at an inpatient treatment facility to truly locate their path in healing, whereas others might simply need a 30-day program. It just changes according to the dependence in question, the individual's history with addiction, dual diagnosis circumstances, as well as the individual's unique physical, mental, emotional and religious needs. Studies find that people who spend longer amounts of time in rehabilitation programs attain better rates of long-term sobriety.


Can I Force a Family Member into Drug Rehab?

Forcing someone into treatment isn't as successful as many gossips have shown while it's not quite as easy as dropping a loved one away at the doors of a treatment facility. In certain states it is in fact legal for a family member to force an enthusiast into drug rehab. One of the more progressive laws affecting addiction treatment is Florida's Marchman Act, where an individual can be forced into drug rehab if either a partner, relative, or, in the lack of family members, three individuals who have direct contact and comprehension of the junkie's condition is present to be able to petition for court ordered rehab.


Is Drug Rehab Covered by Insurance?

Yes, drug rehab is insured by insurance. Given the increasing cost of healthcare, many individuals in many cases are concerned with how they are going to pay for their dependence treatment services. Drug rehab insurance may be an alternative that will allow you to receive the substance abuse rehabilitation and recovery treatment services you require. Almost all private health care policies include either partial or full coverage for substance abuse services. However long you may have combated with alcohol abuse; there is consistently drug recovery insurance available.


How Do You Pay for Drug Rehab?

There are various ways to pay for drug rehab in MT . You might want to consider paying for the treatment program in cash, either ahead of time or over the span of the system period on a per-session basis. This is most helpful for outpatient treatment programs where the costs are far less than an inpatient facility. Paying as you go offers the security of knowing that there will be no lingering bills once the process was completed. Yet, if cash is tight, you might also need to contemplate obtaining private financing so the recovering addict is not going to be forced to suspend treatment before it is completed.


How Do You Pick a Drug Rehab Center?

When appraising the several types of drug rehabilitation centres, remember that everyone's needs are distinct. In general, the longer and more intense the drug use, the longer and more extreme the treatment you may need. Regardless of the length in months or weeks of a program, long term follow-up and support are crucial to healing. An excellent drug rehabilitation center not only addresses the drug abuse, in addition, it addresses other life problems that lead to your dependence and the emotional pain. You can see ads for programs in tranquil settings with gorgeous views, when you commence seeking a drug rehabilitation centre.


Is Drug Rehab Covered by Medicaid?

Both inpatient and outpatient drug addiction treatment may be covered by Medicaid. One thing to bear in mind is the fact that when dependence treatment requires medical or mental-health care, it is more prone to be covered by Medicaid. For instance, if a physician or other accredited addiction professional determines that inpatient treatment is medically necessary Medicaid will cover it. The detox part of rehabilitation frequently requires medical oversight, especially in case that the patient shows exhibits suicidal impulses or signs of psychosis, so such treatment will be generally covered by Medicaid. Because outpatient treatment usually comprises components of mental health therapy, Medicaid coverage is normally a safe bet here too.


Can You Smoke in Drug Rehab?

Nowadays, many drug rehab and alcohol treatment facilities in Montana frequently are inclined to allow patients to smoke only because they believe that treating someone for smoking in addition to other substance abuse is just too challenging and will definitely take time. There's no certain answer as to whether one can smoke in alcohol rehab yet. The results from the formerly published study in MT , don't necessarily mean that alcohol rehab should not attempt and implement smoking bans, but instead glow a light on the challenges that are connected with executing a new policy which goes against years and years of traditional thinking.


Can You Die From Rehab?

The intensity of the drug rehab process varies from person to person, determined by the material in question, how long they took the drug and at what dosage amounts, and if there are any other addictions entailed. When a drug is taken by someone or consumes alcohol regularly, the body becomes accustomed to having certain degrees of the material in it. Once the material is removed, the body can go into a kind of shock, causing withdrawal symptoms to happen. According to the US National Library of Medicine, some withdrawal symptoms can happen immediately, and some leading to death.


Is Rehab Expensive in Helena?

Whether it is expensive or inexpensive, the cost that each patient pays to receive drug treatment in MT normally is contingent on the place of the treatment systems, its amenities and the facility it provides. The price of high-end alcohol rehab programs cost a lot more than conventional applications or applications that are run by your city or state. Whether you need services and private, high-end amenities throughout your drug treatment or simply want to reside in a standard facility that's fully staffed with qualified medical professionals, you will certainly have the ability to discover a treatment place that caters to your needs and budget.


Can I Visit a Family Member in Drug Rehab in Montana?

Yes you are able to. Visiting your nearest and dearest in drug rehab will help supply frequent support, create healthy communication, and re-establish a relationship. Drug rehabs have different visitation procedures, but most drug rehabs do not allow patients to contact anyone for their very first week in hopes settle in and to adjust to their new environment. Since drug rehab is a time to concentrate and actually look into one's self, most facilities have designated visiting hours. Sobriety and healing is a private issue, so creating borders with family members allows patients to help their growth and establish self esteem, accountability and responsibility.


Does Medicaid Cover Rehab?

Medicaid may cover both inpatient and outpatient drug addiction treatment. One thing to keep in mind is that when dependency treatment calls for medical or mental-health care, it is more inclined to be covered by Medicaid. For instance, if other accredited addiction professional or a doctor discovers that inpatient treatment is medically necessary Medicaid will cover it. Medical supervision is often required by rehab's detox component, especially if the patient shows signs of psychosis or exhibits suicidal impulses, so Medicaid will generally cover such treatment. Medicaid coverage is generally a safe bet here too because outpatient treatment normally contains components of mental health therapy.


Does Drug Rehab Work?

Like a number of other difficulties, drug abuse is frequently met with refusal for the individual who has that man's close friends and the dependency and family members. The individual may consider the problem is under control; family and friends might need to consider things are as good as they really are. The simple truth is, attending drug healing treatment facility will provide positive advantages to your or a loved one's societal life, finances, mental health and self-confidence. Do not let panic of a treatment program stop you from getting drug addiction recovery advice and seeking help.


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